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Most independent hotel owners just like you need to drive more direct bookings and reduce costs without compromising on service quality. You also know you need to build and market a greener business to stay relevant and attract new customers. It is hard to know where to start.

I have a framework that amplifies your current marketing strategy to convert more searchers into bookers and incorporates sustainability actions into your daily operations to help reduce costs and increase market advantage.

When you implement this framework, you start to sell more room nights, get more positive reviews, reduce staff turnover, and increase your bottom line. 



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You might have the best views, food, and guest services, but if you don’t clearly communicate why someone should choose to stay with you, you will lose out to a competitor’s inferior offer.



Every decision you take for your business has the potential to generate powerful marketing content. Your choices, from how you engage with customers online to which suppliers you choose to work with, give an insight into your business ethos. How you tell and share your unique story is what sells room nights, creates outstanding guest experiences, and increases staff satisfaction. My framework helps you with that.

Businesses that take the time to elevate their marketing messaging with responsible business choices thrive in the current marketplace where smart consumers are actively seeking more conscious travel options.

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about me
Tourism resilience expert.

Hi there, i'm Sarah. 

A career in tourism was decided upon as I watched the sunrise over the Montserrat mountains in Spain on a school exchange at the age of 16. A degree in Hispanics at Liverpool University took me to Chile just four years later, and a decade of tour leading across the Latin American continent immediately followed. After staying in so many unimaginably cool hotels and hostels, my own backpackers place was born at the foot of an active volcano in southern Chile...  READ MORE

what clients say

“From beginning to end Sarah was totally invested in getting the best possible result for our business. She really took the time to understand who we are and what we want to achieve. Her action plan to improve our customer service was totally on point and easy to implement. I recommend her services without hesitation!"

Elisabeth Sandig,  Parque Metreñehue

 “At every turn Sarah considered the future of the business with each decision she took. She analysed thoroughly before suggesting logical and actionable changes. It is obvious she cares about the staff in the hospitality industry, she understands their needs and how important they are to the business. After implementing her action plan the result for us was happier staff and an increase in repeat visits from customers”.

Veronica Pollak,  Hotel Antumalal

WEBINAR on Building Tourism Resilience through Community Collaboration. Hosted by South Africa Is Travel Ready collective.

"Resilience Possible Through Collaboration" article summarising my recent Building Tourism Resilience conversation on the 16 Feb 2021 Tourism Tuesday webinar hosted by the South Africa is Travel Ready collective.

Read article here

BOOK - Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 - The new narrative for Southern and Eastern Africa during a crisis vortex.

In 2020 I was asked to be one of several contributors to the new book: Tourism, Travel & COVID-19. 

Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 provides stories, insights, guidelines and toolkits from 24 leading experts in the tourism and travel industry. They offer hope and inspiration to business owners and their employees, customers, stakeholders and communities in a calm and confident way as they navigate the vortex of the crisis. Sparked by crucial conversations, it hopes to ignite the rebirth of a new era for tourism and travel, fix the weak links and build an optimised and sustainable paradigm that is inclusive and beneficial for all in the value chain.
PODCAST: Listen here to me and other book contributors:
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