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speaking & interview topics

  • The Intention-Action Gap: Navigating the Dilemma of Sustainable Tourism: Why we need to focus on behavioural change, and how.

  • How to Build a Sustainable Hotel: What are the core actions necessary to create and maintain a sustainable property and business?

  • Engaging Staff in Sustainability Action: Running a sustainable business requires organisational change. Learning how to engage staff is essential.

  • What Does Sustainable Tourism Mean to Today's Tourist?: What role does sustainability play in the decision-making process and the onsite experience. 

  • Defining Brand Purpose: How to strengthen your marketing and messaging to generate meaningful connections.

  • Driving Positive Behavioural Change: Why tourism accommodation owners should embrace their unique educational opportunity.

  • Collaboration & Resilience: How to build better destinations through purpose-driven business operations.

  • Responsible and Sustainable Tourism: The difference between the two and why both are no longer negotiable.

  • Meaningful Product Development: First-hand experience of building successful tourism products with a local indigenous community in Chile.

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