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Ecoinsiders podcast: Why is sustainable tourism the only option for the future?

Learn how owners, staff, and guests can collectively transform tourism for the good in this insightful podcast episode of Ecoinsiders. In the episode we uncover:

• Sarah's inspiring travel journey and her passion for responsible tourism. 
• The critical role of education in tackling over-tourism.
• Strategies to tailor sustainability initiatives for businesses of all sizes.
• How to align your sustainability marketing with your core values and mission.

Tune in, share your thoughts, and spread the conversation!


Click here to listen to the full podcast

Keynote presentation at the PKF Hospitality 196+ Vienna event, November 2023.

This wonderful hybrid event saw a fusion of industries coming together to discuss sustainability in hospitality. 

The Intention-Action Gap: Navigating the Dilemma of Sustainable Tourism was my keynote that set the tone for many conversations on how to change behaviour so we can really report on positive results in the industry.  

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ATLAS Conference at FH Johanneum, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, October 2023.

This academic conference showcased many great sustainability practices in the industry. I had two presentations, one focused around using innovative, interactive technology to increase sustainability literacy through staff training, and the other about the barriers facing tourist accommodation businesses in marketing responsible tourism practices and sustainability endeavours.  

Reflections after speaking at the Global Responsible Tourism Summit, Kumarakom, India, February 2023

It is impossible to attend a Responsible Tourism conference without entering into conversations about what the future of our planet will look like for the next generations. It is easy to feel despondent as we work independently on the same challenges from different offices and homes across the world. Getting together is so important, and a relief after the Covid years.

The conference injected hope, inspiration, and life into those conversations. And women were taking the lead. I was amazed and motivated by the strength of so many women who were up there on the stage, myself included. Inspirational examples were shared of the great work being done at grassroots level, of pushing government to change policies and outlooks, of changing lives in schools and communities.

Click here to read The Power of People and Storytelling in Responsible Tourism: Reflections from India

WTM 2022.jpg
On the Sustainability Stage, WTM, 2022, and the signing of the new Responsible Tourism Charter, Magna Carta Island, London
Look out for my full chapter on Marketing Sustainability in the new book Critical Questions in Sustainability and Hospitality Industry

Edited by Willy Legrand, Henri Kuokkanen and Jonathon Day this insightful book is informed by the scholarly and practical viewpoints of a myriad of internationally-recognised experts. An engaging and timely volume, this book poses a set of pertinent questions that cover critical and contemporary sustainability issues in hospitality and tourism and proposes actionable solutions. It is essential reading for students and academics in the field of hospitality and tourism management, as well as industry professionals searching for answers to challenges they face in enacting sustainability in their business.

Purchase the book here

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Kemosabe For Good magazine_sarahhabsburg_modern hotel marketing 1.jpg
I'm excited to have been featured in the very first issue of _FOR GOOD magazine, a publishing project by @wearekemosabe.

The magazine showcases brands pushing the boundaries of responsible travel, FOR GOOD. This is particularly relevant in today’s post-Covid world, where the desire to travel sustainably and responsibly is growing rapidly.


My article discusses why hotels should embrace their unique educational opportunity and details how passion instead of obligation is a much more productive motivator to achieve successful organisational change in the context of responsible tourism management.


#forgoodmag #travelforgood #sustainabletravel #responsibletravel #responsibletourism #responsiblemarketing #marketingsustainability

Click here to read my article

Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of Sustainable Operations, 4th ed, out now! …and I was invited to contribute.

My contribution to the book is a case study on the sustainable straw bale construction at the wonderful Antbear EcoLodge in South Africa, and the creation of a reed bed filter at the same property. As ever, I continue to be excited to support the sustainable transformation of our beautiful industry.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Willy LegrandJoseph S. Chen and Prof. Dr. Gabriel Laeis for having me!

Find out more about the book here

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WEBINAR on Building Tourism Resilience through Community Collaboration. Hosted by South Africa Is Travel Ready collective.

"Resilience Possible Through Collaboration" article summarising my recent Building Tourism Resilience conversation on the 16 Feb 2021 Tourism Tuesday webinar hosted by the South Africa is Travel Ready collective.

Read article here

BOOK - Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 - The new narrative for Southern and Eastern Africa during a crisis vortex.

In 2020 I was asked to be one of several contributors to the new book: Tourism, Travel & COVID-19. 

Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 provides stories, insights, guidelines and toolkits from 24 leading experts in the tourism and travel industry. They offer hope and inspiration to business owners and their employees, customers, stakeholders and communities in a calm and confident way as they navigate the vortex of the crisis. Sparked by crucial conversations, it hopes to ignite the rebirth of a new era for tourism and travel, fix the weak links and build an optimised and sustainable paradigm that is inclusive and beneficial for all in the value chain.
PODCAST: Listen here to me and other book contributors:
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