The secret to standing out online is… 
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knowing how to define and tell your story!

Your story is unique to you and your business.

No one can tell your story the way you do.

Even if you have the best offer in your location, you will lose out to a competitor who has more clarity over their marketing messaging.

Storytelling has united humans since the beginning of time and remains one of the most important things you can do to create connection with your audience.


So why does it feel so hard to be natural sharing stories that resonate with your potential customers?


It’s because we have come to believe that storytelling has to be "performed", that it has to look, sound, and be said in a specific and prescribed way.


That is wrong.


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Great storytelling should be calm, subtle, and authentic. It should be natural. It should flow from you, instinctively. Your words should make your listeners or readers feel like they are at the start of an emotional journey.


We have a strong advantage here. The travel industry is all about moving people from A to B. So why not start to engage your potential customers way before they even leave home?


Even if you don’t feel like you have anything unique to share, I guarantee that you do.


In the upcoming live workshop you will learn how to define your unique stories, how to tell them intuitively and naturally, as well as learning important insights into the psychology behind emotional connection and customer buying decisions that will change the way you market your property and help you to turn more online lookers into confirmed bookers.

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You will come away with developed stories – unique to you and your business – to use in your on- and off-line marketing, that are designed to accompany your guests from the research stage right through to their post-stay memories.

Places will be limited so fill in this form to receive the official invitation soon.

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