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The secret to getting more direct bookings is… 
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knowing how to define and tell your story!

Your story is unique to you and your business.

No one can tell your story the way you do.

Even if you have the best offer in your location, you will lose out to a competitor who has more clarity over their marketing messaging.

In this Persuasive Marketing Workshop, I will introduce you to the four essential elements of my Persuasive Marketing framework designed to orientate and guide your journey to increased direct bookingsreduced reliance on OTAs, and standing out more online.

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Specially created for independent hotel, lodge, b&b, and hostel owners who don't have a dedicated marketing team to lean on, you will come away from this 60-minute session with clear, actionable tasks to get more heads in beds and increase your profit margins.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone running or managing a tourist accommodation business

Watch the full Persuasive Marketing workshop here:


Share the joy with other hotel, lodge, b&b, or hostel owners here :)

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