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Actionable Resources for Hotel Survival
Actionable Covid-19 Measures_pdf image.p


Getting yourself in check

Proforma for Covid-19 measures

How to disinfect

Informing & educating staff

Social Distancing Measures pdf resource.


SMS guest communication

General social distancing 


Breakfast social distancing

Sustainable Practice Inspiration resourc


Your greatest asset

Sustainability review

and action list

Why now?

Marketing Resources to Help Your Hotel Thrive
General Marketing Inspiration resource f


How to make guests feel safe

Online presence update checklist

What to avoid

Keeping on top of trends

Social Media Marketing pdf resource.png


Reaching new target customers

Effective types of messaging

Content planning

Mistakes to avoid

Attracting Domestic Guests pdf resource.


Ideas for how to reach them

Who are they and

where are they going?

Types of road trips


"I honestly don't know what to say. This is amazing and for someone who is feeling so overwhelmed and scared of losing my B&B they are incredible and have just saved my stress levels and sanity. Thank you isn’t enough".

Lucy Bright,  The Ashley Bournemouth

"Absolutely loving your work! So well written. It’s a great read. My mind is already planning tomorrow's ideas. It was just the motivation I desperately needed. After two months I had almost given up. Thank you so much!"

Tanya Miller, Millers of Frigiliana