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Tailored one-on-one marketing coaching for accommodation providers that meets your needs, answers your questions, and gets you results.

Increase revenue, engage staff, and improve guest satisfaction with these affordable, personalised 60-minute sessions:

  • Getting started with building a more sustainable business

  • Hiring, engaging, and motivating staff

  • (Re)define your brand values and purpose

  • (Re)identify your target audience

  • (Re)craft your unique sales pitch and messaging (on- and offline)

  • Framework for consistent content creation & persuasive storytelling

  • Strategy to break seasonality & increase customer loyalty and repeats

  • Audit of website & other online assets 

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You might have the best views, food, and guest services, but if you don’t clearly communicate why someone should choose to stay with you, you will lose out to an inferior competitor.

€127 per online session including recording, slides and worksheet *

Complete this form to request session and time schedule.

* or pay €480 for my full 6-week Amplify Hospitality Marketing coaching programme including bonus materials and post-sessions 30-day review. Click here to find out more. 

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owners the most sustainable pathway to confidently sharing your uniqueness with the world so you sell more room nights, increase revenue, and feel great about your offer and impact.

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I teach you, 

You might have the best views, food, and guest services, but if you don’t clearly communicate why someone should choose to stay with you, you will lose out to an inferior competitor.

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Working with me means exploring, defining, and leveraging your brand voice and messaging to create meaningful connections.

It means getting confident and consistent in creating marketing content that resonates with the type of guest you want to attract.

It means reconnecting with what you do, finding joy in marketing your business, and feeling great about the way you run it too.

It means harnessing the unique power of your business to generate positive change where you live.

Right here is the single most important action you can take for your business health and wealth today 

Download this brief, insightful video to discover the top 5 consumer travel trends you need to know right now to sell more room nights and increase your revenue.


Knowing what matters the most to today's consumer is key.

Get the most up-to-date

travel trends info right here!

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Free resources
Inspired into marketing action?
Take a look at other free resources here.
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Take the Hotel
Brand Personality Quiz

Discover the secret language of brand archetypes to attract and connect with more of the guests you want to welcome at your property.
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Hotel Homepage Review

Together we'll analyse your homepage to highlight areas for improvement that enhance the user experience and generate more direct bookings.
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13 Sustainability
Strategies for Hotels
For all property owners who want more cost-efficient operations and to be kinder to the planet without compromising on service quality. 
Take your business where your mind has already wandered
a bit about me
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Always the explorer...

a career in tourism was decided upon as I watched the sunrise over the Montserrat mountains in Spain on a school exchange at the age of 16. A degree in Hispanics at Liverpool University took me to Chile just four years later, and a decade of tour leading across the Latin American continent immediately followed. After staying in so many unimaginably cool hotels and hostels, my own backpackers place was born at the foot of an active volcano in southern Chile...  READ MORE

what clients say

"I was feeling lost on how to communicate my business and values. Sarah is knowledge, clarity, empathy and such a joy to listen to. Every single session was amazing. With this one-on-one coaching programme, I have learned so many tips and techniques to make my days and ideas flow. Exactly what I was needing!."

"Dear Sarah, thank you for such an inspirational course! 

I loved the methodical approach of your teaching and the way you created structure and logical steps we could easily follow. Thank you also for the wonderful and creative tips and examples you shared along the way. It was both inspirational and practical, a rare combination."

Sarah is able to translate her practical and academic experience into real-world training that's both on-point and useful. Her training is carefully focused to achieve results, and is accessible for busy people in the travel industry.

“From beginning to end Sarah was totally invested in getting the best possible result for our business. She really took the time to understand who we are and what we want to achieve. Her action plan to improve our customer service was totally on point and easy to implement. I recommend her services without hesitation!"

Elisabeth Sandig,  Parque Metreñehue,


 “At every turn Sarah considered the future of the business with each decision she took. She analysed thoroughly before suggesting logical and actionable changes. It is obvious she cares about the staff in the hospitality industry, she understands their needs and how important they are to the business. After implementing her action plan the result for us was happier staff and an increase in repeat visits from customers”.

Veronica Pollak,  Hotel Antumalal,


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