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A proven process to

more room nights &


your hotel revenue

Effective strategies to clearly communicate why someone should choose to stay with YOU

You love hosting your guests but are not in love with marketing your property.

You are not alone.

You want more people to find you organically.
You want your content to move the hearts and minds of your target audience.
You want your website to be a conversion machine that makes booking direct the easy choice.

The way to do this is...

to truly understand your ideal customer and clearly communicate your value to them.

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Not knowing HOW to talk about your business so you connect on an emotional level with your customers means missing out on critical trust-building moments that lead to sales. 



Get great at sales messaging with my
for Independent



This is not another course focused on the same old generic marketing strategies.

This modern take on hotel marketing takes you on a voyage of brand clarity discovery so you find your unique voice, stories, and actions that feel in tune, as well as resonating with, your target audience. 

Property owners who have been through this coaching feel more joy and connection to their businesses and what they do, they generate more revenue, enjoy marketing and sharing the uniqueness of their properties, and they feel good about the way they run their businesses.


Don't commit to costly monthly ad spend, or hire an expensive marketing agency.

My coaching programme teaches you all the tools you need to get great at marketing regardless of tech skills, property size, or available budget.


Dear Sarah, thank you for such an inspirational course! 

I loved the methodical approach of your teaching and the way you created structure and logical steps we could easily follow. Thank you also for the wonderful and creative tips and examples you shared along the way. It was both inspirational and practical, a rare combination.

My Modern Hotel Marketing coaching uses a framework called the (unique!) Direct Bookings Compass. It gives you all the tools you need to amplify your marketing messaging so your customers feel like you *get* them.

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What's included ?

  • Weekly live group coaching 
  • 2 x 30-min one on one calls to tailor & answer your questions
  • Lifetime online access to all learning resources 
  • Bonus materials such as How to Keep Google Happy, Mastering the OTAs, and an insanely useful and reusable social media content calendar. 


Next group coaching start date:

new year 2023

In this course you will:

Get crystal clear on your brand personality and define your unique value offer
Analyse and make strategic changes to your property website for optimised user experience and ease of bookability
Build your own cornerstone content creation strategy that integrates your brand voice and your unique stories
Define what type of sustainable action has the most impact and that makes sense to your business and location 

After completing this coaching...
direct bookings compass 2_modern hotel marketing_sarahhabsburg.png

The Direct Bookings 30-day challenge is perfect for you if ...


You know your product has so much value for your customers but you are struggling to get clear on your marketing messaging


You know you need to create more valuable and engaging content on a consistent basis but you are stuck for ideas


You are tired of over reliance on OTAs but don't want to close your profiles. You know there must be a way to have more balance

Why choose this coaching ?

As a former hostel owner and luxury lodge manager, I have experienced first-hand all the stresses, crises, and high and low points of working in the sector. My mistakes and incredible wins mean I can teach what truly works.

Everything I do is created for independent hotel, lodge, b&b, and hostel owners with recovery, growth, and resilience in mind. I believe you can be successful at marketing your business, standing out online, and getting in front of the right people, no matter the size of your budget.

I'm known for bringing clarity through step-by-step strategies, “quick win” actionables, and easy to follow formulas. These are all layered with a commitment to tough love and direct feedback. I will be behind you all the way and I always respond to your questions.

My coaching materials are hosted on an easy-to-access and responsive platform that means you can absorb the content at any time from your mobile phone as well as from a PC or tablet. 

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs

I look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Let's get your property filled with the right guests for you and the experiences you offer.


Still have a question? Write to me at

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