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Email Marketing For

Domestic Tourism

The pivot right now is essential, but encouraging more domestic tourism is a smart long-term resilience strategy.


It starts with getting people on an email list so you can learn more about them and nurture their interests via authentic content. 


Need help with the tech for setting up your email marketing? Get in touch for a personalised quote.


Website Review & Design Optimisation

There it no choice right now but to pull out all the stops to stand out from the crowd online.

This session will assess your current digital assets to define how to optimise your online presence within your budget and according to your immediate needs.


The objective is to implement immediate changes along with a future growth strategy. 



Tourism Resilience

Workshops & Webinars

From ideas and inspiration for maintaining personal resilience, to how to create sustained business resilience through community collaboration. 

Pulling on my experience of implementing business survival strategies after the 2010 8.8 earthquake, and then the eruption of the Villarrica volcano in southern Chile, I am delighted to share my thoughts and insights on tourism resilience.    


How To Define
Your Unique Value


Through conversation comes connection, which is why I am an advocate of defining the language that sets you apart.


This session begins with a series of questions designed to identify the conversations that resonate the most with your target audience. 


The objective is to work with you to understand what you love and how that connects with your guests.

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Content Creation &

Translation Service

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your future guests.

High-quality images are essential, but the words you use to describe your property can captivate, or not.


Contact us below to learn more about our content creation and professional translations services specific to the tourism industry. 


customer service.jpg

Customer Service


Job satisfaction cannot be faked. Excellence in customer service creates happier staff, 

increases positive reviews and encourages customer loyalty.

This session begins with an analysis of your current approach to customer service excellence.


The objective is to present an actionable strategy for improvement and growth. 





Not sure where to start?

Need a little bit of everything or have a specific problem to deal with?


Get in touch here to tell me more to assess how I can best support you. 



“From beginning to end Sarah was totally invested in getting the best possible result for our business. She really took the time to understand who we are and what we want to achieve. Her action plan to improve our customer service was totally on point and easy to implement. I recommend her services without hesitation!"

Elisabeth Sandig,  Parque Metreñehue

 “At every turn Sarah considered the future of the business with each decision she took. She analysed thoroughly before suggesting logical and actionable changes. It is obvious she cares about the staff in the hospitality industry, she understands their needs and how important they are to the business. After implementing her action plan the result for us was happier staff and an increase in repeat visits from customers”.

Veronica Pollak,  Hotel Antumalal

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