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 Your choice of hotel amenities is a personal statement.

With just a glance, they SHOW your guests who you are and what you stand for.

Scroll down for instructions on how to make your own simple amenities with natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen.  

Prefer to have customised soaps made for your business or event? Fill in the form below to request a quote.

Facial Sugar Scrub Recipe_sarahhabsburg 1.png
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Easy Face & Body
Sugar Scrub

Use natural ingredients from your kitchen to wow your guests with this simple face & body scrub. 
foot spa trio_sarahhabsburg_skincare and hotel amenities.png
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Foot Spa Trio
Make a statement by gifting your guests a luxurious spa experience with this easy-to-make foot spa trio recipe.
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Soap Making Tutorial
Crafting your own soap is easy with the right instructions. Add your own colours and aromas to this base recipe.
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Please note that the recipe will be sent to your email when notification of successful payment has been received. It might not be immediate. Thank you for your patience! 

What are the benefits of choosing to make your own?

Reduces packaging waste and demonstrates your commitment to running a greener business.

Significantly lowers product acquisition cost.

Potential for additional in-house revenue through sales of unique amenities.

Product diversification opportunity by offering workshops to teach others how to make their own.

Generates authentic marketing content that showcase who you are to potential customers. 

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