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Mastery Workshop

for all tourism business owners

Content Creation


A six-step framework to create

story marketing content that


engages your target audience

Effective strategies for content marketing confidence that clearly communicate why someone should buy from YOU

75% of people don't trust traditional forms of marketing.


Today's consumers are looking for genuine connection and are motivated by authentic and trustworthy messaging.

Applying storytelling concepts and building cornerstone content structure are the missing links.

Our brains are hardwired to prefer stories but knowing how to craft one can feel impossible when you are

spinning so many plates!

storytelling content marketing workshop for hotels_sarahhabsburg

The goal of this interactive workshop is to provide the structure you need to create engaging story marketing content that is personalised and unique to your business.

modern hotel marketing_sarahhabsburg

 This workshop follows a unique framework called the Story Content Marketing Compass. It gives you all the essential ingredients to consistently create content that makes your customers feel like you *get* them.

Story Content Marketing Compass_transparent_sarahhabsburg_purpose driven hotel marketing.p

You will walk away with:

Understanding of how short-form story content can fuel every piece of content you need to produce 
Three fully-developed, personalised, unique-to-you short-form story content outlines
A reusable cornerstone story content marketing structure that you can work to every time you renew you content 

"Human life is rooted in narrative"

Peter L. Berger

Who is this workshop for?

For all ethical tourism business owners who desire to create short-form marketing content that reaches the right kind of customers effortlessly.

While people do still consume long-form content, it is much easier and faster to connect emotionally with short-form content. Regardless of whether the short-form is video, image, or written format, it still needs a story behind it.

People don't buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic_sarahhabsburg_p

This is a serious workshop where you will get stuff done and learn skills that will help with your marketing and messaging in the future.

It is not just any old webinar that you register for, forget about, only to then
maybe watch half the replay.

For that reason it is a paid session so your commitment matches mine in getting you results that will work for you today and every time you update your marketing content.



We are all busy people, so we will channel both energy and focus into this 2-hour workshop that is dedicated to teaching effective tools and structure, while also generating renewed marketing confidence.

If you are not serious about doing this work, this session is not for you!
modern hotel marketing_sarahhabsburg_edi

How much does the workshop cost?

€97 * 

*The cost is deducted if you go on to work with me in my main coaching programme.

When and where?

Online via Zoo
hour duration


For much less than the cost of just one room night, this workshop will change the way your market your property forever !

Click the button below to register today.

People don't buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic_sarahhabsburg_p

"People don't buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic".

Seth Godin

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Share this change-your-content-strategy-forever workshop with them too!

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