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Confident Marketing

starts right here...

I have received so many questions about how to confidently market your property in this recovery-Covid period, that I decided to shoot a video to answer the main ones. 

This video talks you through the five most frequently asked questions and offers tips and insights to get you started on your path to confident marketing.

Click to watch the video below.

If you prefer to listen or read, scroll down to find the audio and transcript.


Your first step to confidently marketing your hotel, lodge b&b or hostel starts right here!

(It is even super relevant to anyone with a small tourism business right now!). 


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Hi, I´m Sarah. 

Little did I know it at the time, but a career in tourism was decided upon as I watched the sunrise over the Montserrat mountains in Spain on a school exchange at the age of 16. A degree in Hispanics at Liverpool University took me to Chile just four years later, and a decade of tour leading across the Latin American continent immediately followed. After staying in so many unimaginably cool hotels and hostels, my own backpackers place was born at the foot of an active volcano in southern Chile...

There is so much information online about how to survive this pandemic. You don't have the time to piece together the most proactive solutions for your business. 


The word resilience might not have been at the forefront of your mind before now. But then the world changed. Covid-19 has many industries backed into a corner. Tourism virtually collapsed overnight. We can't change or ignore it; we can only move forward. Small hotel and hostel owners and managers are faced with impossible decisions. The aim of this site is to pull valuable information together to provide proactive downloadable resources all in one place. Facebook groups and online forums are bursting with concerns and worries. The teacher in me wants to put it into order, and my passion for tourism compels me to do my bit.  To make a difference, however small. 



WEBINAR on Building Tourism Resilience through Community Collaboration. Hosted by South Africa Is Travel Ready collective.

"Resilience Possible Through Collaboration" article summarising my recent Building Tourism Resilience conversation on the 16 Feb 2021 Tourism Tuesday webinar hosted by the South Africa is Travel Ready collective.

Read article here

BOOK - Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 - The new narrative for Southern and Eastern Africa during a crisis vortex.

In 2020 I was asked to be one of several contributors to the new book: Tourism, Travel & COVID-19. It's been an honour to be part of such an influential team and the book is already available to buy online here

Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 provides stories, insights, guidelines and toolkits from 24 leading experts in the tourism and travel industry. They offer hope and inspiration to business owners and their employees, customers, stakeholders and communities in a calm and confident way as they navigate the vortex of the crisis. Sparked by crucial conversations, it hopes to ignite the rebirth of a new era for tourism and travel, fix the weak links and build an optimised and sustainable paradigm that is inclusive and beneficial for all in the value chain.
PODCAST: Listen here to me and other book contributors:
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