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Tailored one-on-one marketing coaching 
that meets your needs, answers your questions, and gets you results.

Make running your business easier with these affordable, personalised hour-long sessions:

  • (Re)define your brand values and purpose

  • (Re)identify your target audience

  • (Re)craft your unique sales pitch and messaging (on- and offline)

  • Framework for consistent content creation & persuasive storytelling

  • Strategy to break seasonality & increase customer loyalty and repeats

  • Audit of website & other online assets 

  • Getting started with sustainability action

modern hotel marketing_sarahhabsburg

Designed for all tourism business owners,

I will help you fill in gaps and join the dots.

€100 per online session including recording, slides and worksheet *

Complete this form to request session and time schedule.

* or pay €480 for my full 6-week Amplify Hospitality Marketing coaching programme including bonus materials and post-sessions 30-day review. Click here to find out more. 

I was feeling lost on how to communicate my business and values. Sarah is knowledge, clarity, empathy and such a joy to listen to. Every single session was amazing. With this one-on-one coaching programme, I have learned so many tips and techniques to make my days and ideas flow. Exactly what I was needing!

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